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| Updated on Mar 21, 2016

You will need a passport photo

India is an absolutely awe inspiring country

and one of the most memorable destinations to visit when traveling the world and today more than 150 citizens from around the world can apply for their tourist visas online instead of visiting an Indian embassy.  

You can visit to apply online today.

Remember from the vibrant culture to cities bustling with colorful temples and people, it’s truly an exceptional trip.

For those planning a trip, whether it be missionary, business or leisure, everyone will need a passport valid for at least 6 months from departure time and a visa.

Thankfully, technology has made it all too simple for receiving a visa, now linked directly to your passport. The time of paperwork and hovering over the mailbox for weeks on end is a distant memory now.

Before applying, you will need a passport photo which is almost exactly like a passport picture. To get you started, here are the requirements for submitting a photo:

  • Smiling obstructs facial features. Keep to a neutral expression.

  • Lighting needs to bring out the natural color of your face. Anything too bright creates a

glare on the forehead and a photo underexposed doesn’t show the face clearly.

  • No floppy hats or sunglasses at all. If you are wearing prescription eyeglasses, be sure the frame isn’t too thick and blocking eyes. Scarves for religious purposes are ok.

  • The face, neck, and ears must be visible.

  • Hair should be off the face and behind ears.

  • Plain, white or off-white background only.

  • Be sure there are no shadows being casted on your face or the background.

  • The height and width must be equal and not exceed 2 X 2 inches or 51 X 51 mm.

  • Your face should take up around 70 percent of the entire picture.

  • The photo must be recent, within the last 6 months. Passport photos are acceptable only if it’s recent.

  • Digital upload size must not exceed 1MB.

  • Your head should measure at least an inch from top to chin.

  • Cut out the borders. Nothing outside your face and top of shoulders should be in the photo.

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