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| Updated on Aug 18, 2015

Online Visa for An Enchanting Visit of the Taj Mahal

Gazing upon one of the world’s most extravagant man-made sites is only an India visa away. Finding a way to India and gazing at the Taj Mahal is an experience unlike anything else you could do in the country. Simply exquisite and filled with legendary history bursting at the seams, exploring the Taj Mahal begins by applying for your India visa at

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The Taj Mahal

We make the transition of looking at the Taj Mahal on your computer screen to standing on sacred ground much easier and quicker. There is no telling the amount of time you will want to spend at this incredible location but we can guarantee to get you there quickly. Visiting the city of Agra for the first time could be a bit overwhelming. With bustling locals and congested traffic whizzing every which way, it’s enough to send an outsider pulling their hair out. Nestled in the middle of the city sits the Taj Mahal, a tomb visited by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. (Sure hope you were not looking for a quiet visit). Claustrophobia anyone? If crowds don’t bother you then proceed. During peak tourist season, expect to be bumping a lot of shoulders as you shuffle around.

With such an array of personalities, the Taj Mahal can emit different feelings from its spectators depending on the time of day one views it. From sunrise to sunset, it changes colors and glistens as the sun changes positions in the sky. One might see it as an incandescent pearl at high noon or a polished marble stone at sunrise. This ushers in an entirely new group of visitors: photographers.

Aside from the ample amounts of vacationers, this is a photography dream. A new masterpiece from countless angles. Differing light. Not to mention the Taj Mahal seems to take on a life of its own. If you have a talent with the shutter, have at it. If not, please be courteous to those attempting to capture its beauty.

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Depending on the time of year, you could be in for a sweaty, crowded visit or a cooler, relaxing visit. Don’t get us wrong, the Taj Mahal is always busy but there are differing levels of busy-ness. March is the ideal time to stop by or October. Regardless of when you plan to step foot inside, remember to keep your voice down. It’s not a monument for spectators. Rather, it’s the final resting place for hundreds of tombs. Enchanting and quite contrasting from the poor neighborhoods surrounding, it leaves visitors speechless. After taking a tour inside, try looking at it from other angles. Even in the distance, the Taj Mahal stands out like a glimmering diamond in the rough.

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