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| Updated on Jul 7, 2016

India tourist visa for visit a riot of colours

With a fusion of modernity and tradition, India is a riot of colours. From the busy streets of New Delhi and Mumbai to the unforgettable shimmering beaches of Varkala, India is an unavoidable destination for any adventurous traveler. This captivating land full of magical cultures and corners, is located in the south of Asia, a privileged location that made India the heart of historic trade routes and vast empires. Bordered by the snow dusted peaks of the Himalayas and the great Thar desert, the jewel of Asia is a land of exquisitely carved temples, majestic wildlife and endless touristic options that has treasured its original identity through the ages.

india visa

Home to 1.2 billion inhabitants, India an intrinsically complex combination of flavors, textures and landscapes. A country of contrast and details, where hundreds of different lifestyles have coexisted during centuries.

Despite of its spectacular diversity, this mind-stirring country shares a strong and unified sense of spirituality and religion. The great number of sacred areas and endemic rituals are the most noticeable legacy of India's colorful and tumultuous religious history. The different religious celebrations are one of the most attractive activities for tourist in India. From magnificent city parades to humble harvest fairs for local deities, the deep spirituality of the Indian society will blaze in your memory long after your have left the country.
India tourist

Travelling to India is relatively straightforward regarding costumes and controls, but the country holds an very strict visa policy that you must know about in advance. In order to travel to India you are required to possess a working passport, a valid visa and an onward or return ticket. An Indian visa can be obtained on arrival for some nationalities, but it is advisable to apply for a visa beforehand, in order to avoid bureaucratic issues. The basic tourist visa for India is valid for 30 days and has a cost of US$60. In order to apply for an Indian visa, you must upload a passport sized photograph and a copy of your passport valid for at least six months beyond your intended arrival in India. If you wish to stay longer than 30 days, you must contact your closest Indian embassy or consulate, as every country follows different visa regulations and procedures for long stay visas. Once you have applied, either for a short tourist permit or for a longer stay document, you can check the status of your Indian visa application on this official link. Extending your visa once you are in India is not as practical as it may initially seem, as the government currently only grants extensions in extreme circumstances. In order to minimize the impact of potential complications such as robberies, it is advisable to make copies of your passport and travelling documents before you enter the country. Although India is not a particularly unsafe destination, knowing the location of your closest embassy or consulate can avoid many incidents. Please refer to the List of Foreign Embassies and Consulates in India.

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