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| Updated on Nov 24, 2015

BRICS and Tourism Both Aim for Economic Stimulus


If you wish to visit India you must have an India Visa and an adventurous spirit. Need a good reason to travel? How about helping the economy? Depending on how you travel either on a budget or with by the finest comforts, you pump much needed and desired stimulus into the local economy.

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As the world continues to grow in human population and develop better ways of life, so are the chances for a more industrialized and modern civilization growth.

In recent times, politicians and world leaders have sought to improve and stimulate up and coming countries. About a decade ago, leaders from Brazil, India, China and Russia joined together to form BRIC with South Africa coming aboard a few years later.

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Now, BRICS is an effort to better financial institutions and improve global economic situations with a yearly summit. During these meetings, leaders discuss and set forth plans to move their countries into the modern world on both exports and imports.

These countries represent great potential with booming populations and an abundance of labored work, producing most of the world’s goods.

BRICS, no matter what these leaders come up with as a strategy for boosting their country’s economies or soaring financial institutions, one thing is certain: tourism.

Unlike BRICS, people are what make the difference in locations where the economy is not on the rise. In rural areas of India, tourism creates jobs, boosts small businesses and stimulates town and city taxes.

The more people travel through the country, the more stimulus is brought in. Another important reason tourism is good for the social aspect of communities is it keeps human rights in check.

Especially today when almost every human being has a cell phone or camera pointing in front of them, unjustly incidents often are caught on tape. That being said, technology from tourists can be beneficial for making sure actions are smooth and humane.

It’s not all sunshine and roses when it comes to tourism. More people in a city means a high demand for better infrastructure, hotels, visitor centers and resources. These demands usually fall back onto taxes. There is also the overcrowding factor of outsiders cramming into an already crowded area.

BRICS, though still a fairly young summit of leaders, continues to work on stimulating the economy without burdening each country’s people.

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