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| Updated on Nov 24, 2015

Applying for Your Electronic India Visa

Travelling to India this year? After booking your flight, you will need to fill out an India Visa Application.

No one enters India without a visa and we can help.

Before you begin applying, make sure your stay will not exceed 30 days as your electronic tourist visa expires after a month upon arrival. In other words, don’t be too hasty to apply. We offer a line of services to better assist you with the process and a quicker return. Our easy to use website and friendly customer service representatives make getting a visa much easier. Try us out at and see how you can obtain your documents.

Going to India has been made simpler, thanks to ever evolving technology spreading worldwide. As of November of 2014, you can now get an electronic visa that is linked to your passport. Yes, filling out your India Visa Application results in a quicker turn around period and no more stamps. Farewell to the days of gathering documents and pictures. So long to waiting for weeks as the India embassy worked on completing your request. No more anxious looks out your window toward the mailbox as the carrier passed you by. Everything, from the application to the visa, is now 100% online.

Now, if you have difficulties with technology, we can assist you with those questions. It’s important to note that since ETA visas are now in place, stamps are no longer required and at certain India airports, not accepted. Your passport MUST BE linked with the visa or there is no entry at the following airports:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Amritsar
  3. Bangalore
  4. Chennai
  5. Cochin
  6. Delhi
  7. Gaya
  8. Goa
  9. Hyderabad
  10. Jaipur
  11. Kolkata
  12. Lucknow
  13. Mumbai
  14. Trivandrum
  15. Tiruchirapalli
  16. Varanasi

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when applying:

  • The application and service fee are nonrefundable. If you make a mistake on your application, you will be required to fill out an entirely new India Visa Application and pay again. Don’t be in a rush.

  • It takes about 5 minutes to complete. You will need a digital photo, scan of your passport and of course, the application.

  • If you are travelling with children, each child must have their own passport and visa. You cannot travel to India with only an adult visa. No exception.

  • Cost: This is always the #1 question for anyone. Using our services, the electronic visa is $62 with a $2 interchange fee, plus our service fee of $35. Total is $97 per visa.

  • Your visa is good for one entry into India and expires after 30 days. You may only apply twice per year for a visa to India.

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