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| Updated on Apr 24, 2016

Visa India for a River Cruise

Travel in Comfort by Touring India with a River Cruise

Ditch the crowded streets and cramped trains. Tour India by booking a river cruise and let comfort take you away!

Visa India for a River Cruise

Thinking about the best possible way to enjoy and see India on your next vacation? How about instead of on land, you take to the water?

We’re not talking about swimming in rivers or scuba diving in the Arabian Sea, rather venturing off on a river cruise. It’s one of those hidden secrets to not only getting where you want to go but getting there in comfort.

Cramped trains and congested streets are a thing of the past for those willing to see the country from another point of view. Simply grab a few provisions, like your passport and India visa, and you’re ready to set sail!

India has hundreds of rivers, canals and water passageways throughout the country. Known to locals for thousands of years, is now an optimal choice for travelers.

About 1750 miles of “water roads” await, whisking you off through historical cities, beautiful monuments and wildlife sanctuaries. When docked, tour the city, fish, shop and dine. Wherever you go, be sure to try the curry!

There are dozens of different cruises you can take, especially if being on water for too long is not something that tickles your fancy.

Assam Bengal Navigation Cruises are one, reputable company which has been cruising India for decades! Depending on where or what you would like to see, you could set course for a 7-night cruise or even longer.

15-night cruises are another option. Air conditioned suites make it even more appealing considering how hot and humid it can be in the summer. For those less adventurous, take a 5 or 3-night sail on the Ganges stream and Hugli River. Get your cameras ready as you could see an elephant roaming the countryside.

Depending on where you want to go or city you wish to explore, cruises could be your ticket to one memorable vacation. When the cruise is over, enjoy a train ride back to the starting city or take it somewhere else. The choice is up to you. Just be sure to book well in advance whenever deciding on a cruise as most fill up quickly, especially during tourist season. Take a cruise on the side of leisure and comfort and see the magical world of India as it should be seen.

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