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| Updated on Feb 17, 2016

Hotels and spa with a visa to Bahrain

Traveling to India is a must in 2016.

You can simply apply for the India Tourist Visa from the comfort of your own home.

Passport send-off is simply not necessary anymore so get your visa with and start planning your trip to India now by applying with IndiaVisa.

For now we will discuss the best Bahrain Spa Hot Spots Designed to Pamper Vacationers.Take a break from touring and get pampered at the best spas in Bahrain.

Bahrain visa skyline

A dip into the lap of luxury can truly enhance any vacation and make for an unforgettable experience.

After all, most of you who are planning a trip are vacating your life, so why not participate in an activity you wouldn’t normally do? If you have extra money to blow on yourself, consider taking a day or two and pamper every inch of your body. Men, this includes you too.

A massage is surely enjoyed by anyone, especially after hours of flying in a cramped airplane.

This trip, get your visa to Bahrain with us and head out to spa paradise!

Besides twinkling your toes and fingers, having a spa day includes so much more: massages, facials, waxing, hair, make-up, Jacuzzi’s saunas and the list goes on. The real question to ask yourself or Google is where to go. There’s an amazing amount of places to lay back and relax, however, for the 5 star ultimate retreat, here are the top places you should definitely look into:

The Ritz-Carlton

We will let the name speak for itself and wow is this place heavenly! Not only is it located near a hub of shopping centers, it rests perfectly on the beach. Simply walk downstairs and the ocean is almost at your feet. And their spa? One of a kind. Simply elegant and idyllic. Chose from individual treatments or indulge in package of delights. If traveling with your sweetheart, enjoy a couple’s package and soak in the romance. Ah, a hot stone massage sounds simply ideal especially when jet lag sinks in.

Sofitel Bahrain Zalaq Thalassa Resort and Spa

This place definitely rivals the Ritz and ties for #1 on our list, as well as many others.

Take time to get away in this beautiful spa and visually stunning resort! The pool alone is worth staying. Combine a lazy swim with spa treatments and you’ve got a winning getaway! Lay back and enjoy a sleep invoking foot massage while you sip on a glass of wine or cocktail. The Sofitel offers plenty of opportunities to simply soak in warm waters in quite a few pools and Jacuzzis. Salt water keeps the skin moist and revitalizes even the weariest traveler.

Whatever you do in Bahrain, be sure to set aside a decent amount of time for yourself. You’re body and mind will thank you for it!

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