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| Updated on Mar 22, 2016

Touring for the Best Beers in India

India Beer Creates Unique Travel Tastes

Skip the fancy wine tasting and make your way to the breweries of India! Home to quite a few delicious beers.

Wine tasting is one of those activities that bring people out of their shells and across oceans to do. But there is another hand crafted, adult beverage which does not come from a vine, yet is enjoyed by millions throughout the world: beer. For most people, it’s an acquired taste, one that takes quite a few drafts and sporting events to ingest. Those of you who absolutely love the taste and can’t get enough of this bottled awesomeness, there are countless places to head to. One up and coming country to try is India. Just be sure to have your India visa , which can’t be found at the bottom of a keg but on our website, before heading overseas.

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A few decades ago, India would not have even been thought of when choosing a country with the best beer. You’d probably have gone to places like Belgium, Amsterdam or Germany. Though still the finest places to enjoy a brew, India continues to create unique and tasty beers. Thanks to the British for bringing India’s first brewery to the country, today lagers are the go-to choice for makers and consumers. Here are a few you must try when visiting:

Haywards. For a whopping 7% alcohol, this is one for beginners. Reason being it contains more of a watery downed flavor and is perfect for those who haven’t developed a taste for beer. It also comes darker, Haywards Black, making it the first stout beer for the country.

Kingfisher. The most popular brand of beer. Kingfisher is like the Budweiser of India. After all, it’s King, right? It comes in both a strong and milder form, 8% to 4.8% alcohol and is extremely light. Great for sporting events.

Kings. Not to be confused with Kingfisher, Kings is unique. Unlike the universal beer, which is sold everywhere, Kings is only made and sold in Goa. For you die hard beer fans out there, this is the crème de la crème of beers in India and a fine reward after all those hours of traveling. Kings has a smoky taste to it and one unforgettable price tag: 40 rupees. Cheap but unforgettable.If all else fails to impress you as you’re touring the landscapes and cities, have no fear: beer is here! Enjoy imports from Amstel Light, Corona, Heineken and many others. Cheers!

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