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| Updated on Feb 27, 2016

Take to the Landscapes of India for Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting in India

Avid wine drinkers be ready! India’s wine has a little extra kick in its flavor unlike anything else in the world!

There are beer drinkers, liquor sticklers, wine snobs and those who never touch the stuff, which is just weird. No matter where you go in the world, there is bound to be amazing accounts of precious juice concocted from fermented fruits and vegetables. For India, an abundance of land has resulted in some one-of-a-kind wines for locals and travelers alike. When preparing to leave, be sure to pack comfortable clothing and of course your India visa. Once you get off that plane, you should head to the nearest bar and have a glass.


Choosing which wine to try can be troublesome for those who are new to the fine, delectable beverage. For others, you won’t need much time looking at a wine list. Whether you prefer the sweet side of wine life or enjoy the open dryness of a good Cabernet, there’s something for everyone:


Sette. One of the most popular and tasty red wines in India, Sette has a hint of vanilla and goes fabulously with India’s spicy cuisine.

Dindori Reserve Shiraz. If you are a fan of cheeses and lamb, this is the perfect wine to have with it!

Shiraz has a nice bite to it but goes down smooth. It opens up the flavors of cheese and makes for a satisfying ordeal.

Chene Grand Reserve. A red wine spectacle, mostly known for its color: a deep, bright Ruby red. It just looks idyllic in the glass and invites you to just admire for a bit before taking a sip. When you do, be prepared for a tantalizing explosion of berry and spice flavor! Save this for a special occasion as it’s the most expensive wine in India.


Indus Sauvignon Blanc. Bursting with citrus flavors, this meets your palate with an absorption of amazement. Less bitter than reds, Indus can be paired with an assortment of foods and moods. Enjoy it well as white wines are more difficult to find than reds in this part of the world.

Sula Riesling. For you sweet wine drinkers, we have the jackpot for you! Sula is a wondrous assortment of airy, light aromas sure to give you a sweet finish. Though perfect for those who can’t take in dry wines, it’s the rarest of white wines in India. Be sure to look for it.

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