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| Updated on Nov 16, 2015

India Visa tips - Best Restaurant in New Delhi.

Three Best Restaurants in New Delhi

If your trip to India includes a stop in New Delhi, the beautiful capital of the country, you’re bound to get hungry in between visiting wonderful landmarks such as the Secretariat Building, India Hate and Rashtrapati.

Remember to get your India Visa Online before traveling and enjoy three of the most iconic restaurants that you’ll want to be sure to visit during your stay.

Visa indian food tips

Moti Mahal’s

As one of the oldest surviving restaurants in the city, Moti Mahal has a wonderful history and a long legacy of providing wonderful food for everyone who walks through their door. The restaurant, which was founded shortly after India achieved independence in 1947, is said to be the first place that served staples of Indian cuisine such as butter chicken, burra kebabs, and tandoori chicken.

While that claim may be hard to back, given the ubiquity of these dishes in modern Indian menus, the restaurant is still a great place to try these dishes again or for the first time. The restaurant has inviting light pink walls, picked to promote an atmosphere that would put families at ease, and also features a beautiful courtyard in which to enjoy your meal. The restaurant remains moderately priced, and stays open all day, opening at noon and closing at midnight.


Another restaurant with a long legacy, Karim’s is famous for providing food for the imperial kitchens of the Mughai Empire. Like Moti Mahal, Karim’s also serves an incredibly popular tandoori chicken as well as mutton burra kebabs – if you’re feeling ambitious, visit both and see who does it better!

Karim’s has long been a favorite for locals but welcomes tourists, so definitely plan on visiting for top-quality, moderately priced authentic Indian cuisine. You can stop by Karim’s for breakfast or a late lunch, as they are open from 9 am to 12:30 at night.

Varq at the Taj Hotel

If you’re looking for more a fine dining interpretation of Indian cuisine, you won’t be able to do much better than Varq at the Taj Hotel.

Varq has a lovely, elegant dining room, and the world-class chefs who design the menu placing a heavy emphasis on putting a new spin on the dishes that Indian cooks having been making for hundreds of years.

Standouts include gander chicken kebas served on a sugar cane, and a roast leg of lamb that is presented in a saffron dough shell. Varq at the Taj Hotel keeps somewhat limited hours, open for lunch at 12:30 to 2:45 and for dinner from 7 to 11:30, and you might want to call ahead and make a reservation if you don’t want to be disappointed.

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